Om Swastiastu, Welcome to Jatiluwih

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Om Swastiastu, Welcome to Lempuyang Temple

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Om Swastiastu, Welcome to Tanah Lot Temple

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Om Swastiastu, Welcome to Besakih Temple

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Om Swastiastu, Welcome to Ulun Danu Temple

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Jatiluwih Rice Terrace

Jatiluwih Rice Terrace 
Jatiluwih is a popular tourist destination in Bali famous with the beautiful rice terraces that develop from the foot of the mountains to the coast side. It is one of the places to visit in Bali with the beautiful view to ring name Jati and Luwih, where Jati mean really and what Luwih especially good and beautiful or the equivalent. Local rice fields are planted in this place look typically high relative size plant when planted compared to other rice into service by most farmers in Bali. Which is the development of agriculture Jatiluwih offense is on the plateau of Monte Watukaru also famous for its organic agriculture system due to the location.

Jatiluwih is surrounded by cool atmosphere because of it . Is 700 meters above sea level addition to its power nature, cultural Jatiluwih is saving power , especially the history of the existence of Petali temple, in the power of Ida Dalem Waturenggong King in Keraton Gelgel ( 1460-1552 ) is connected . The distance from Denpasar to Jatiluwih is about 48 kilometers and lies within the Tabanan town (28 km ). The road to this place has improved gradually, so that the vehicle engine, it passes through the village and go to Jatiluwih Pacung and also from the west side of the temple Watukaru Jatiluwih happen. Jatiluwih is many visited by tourists from domestic and foreign countries who want to enjoy a cold atmosphere and beautiful panorama of rice terraces. Jatiluwih as a nature tourist destination in Bali, it has been since Dutch colonial build the Security Center and so far detected local residents designed with Dutch ears. Indonesian government has assigned the Jatiluwih because of this power, a tourist destination of its people.

Jatiluwih also maintain the only attraction of the religious ceremony, know as the famous temple Patirtaan Petali Wednesday Kliwon Ugu (Based on Balinese calendar) is. Residents believe the Petali Temple is a center of worship of Hyang Widhi Wasa (God) in the power of agriculture. Besides Petali temple, there are also Pucak Rsi Temple is located in this area. As a tourist object, Jatiluwih public facilities such as parking, bathroom, rest and Wantilan bullet for tourists who enjoy the splendid panorama. Some restaurants have been built to serve the food and beverage industry. Watukaru Tour is an exciting tour to visit the Temple Watukaru and other tourist destinations like

Thursday, April 3, 2014

President honor citizens Tampaksiring, Bali

Tampaksiring Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and his wife Ani Yudhoyono, have been appointed as Honorary Tampaksiring Village, Gianyar regency, Bali residents."It is an honor to be called Semeton Tamu Utama. My wife and I appreciate, accept with honor and pride, "said the president at an event held in the village of Temple Tampaksiring Puseh.The process of becoming honorary residents was conducted by reading an excerpt from Bendesa ( religious leader ) of the village of Tampaksiring, I Ketut Runtut."The usual village, district Tampaksiring to Bendesa now Mr. and Mrs. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono as Semeton Tamu Utama," said Ketut Runtut.The village representative Tampaksiring said that the title is given as a form of recognition.Village Tampaksiring also hopes that the president and his wife are matters of health and safety by the Almighty God blessed during and after Yudhoyono presidency.Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said that whenever he visited Bali inspired.On the Meet & Greet with people Tampaksiring, he said it. During his nearly ten years as president, he and his wife often to visit and work on the Palais Tampaksiring"We love Tampaksiring Palace and I want to place founded by Bung Karno to be used for both the country's business, government and social policy," the president said.Bali is often chosen as an important international forum that the climate summit, the ASEAN Summit, the Summit of the East Asia and the APEC summit in 2013.In addition, President Yudhoyono also admitted that he too often a source of inspiration for songs and poems in the composition in Bali." Certainly, there are many sweet memories and happy here," he said.In reference to the novel entitled "Eat, Pray and Love" by Elizabeth Gillbert, President Yudhoyono said that if you want to find love and peace, Bali is the perfect place.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Nyepi Days 2014

Parade Ogoh ogoh
 Denpasar - Police will close while a number of Streets in the city of Denpasar protocol parade " ogoh - ogoh " , Sunday ( 30/03/2014 ) , or a day before Nyepi .

" We urge people to seek alternative paths that are not stuck in traffic because we will impose a system of open-close way , " said Head of Public Relations Sub - Denpasar Police , Assistant Commissioner Ida Bagus Made Bachelor , Saturday ( 29/03/2014 ) .
According to him , the police will enforce the open-close to the number of Streets that will be traversed by the procession ogoh - ogoh parade will toward the center , such as Chess face Denpasar district .

Parade " ogoh - ogoh " usually begins after the ceremony " Tawur Kesanga " or in the afternoon until evening
Ogoh ogoh Denpasar
 Data from the Public Relations Denpasar Police said Street to be traversed by the ogoh -ogoh whom the Village Pemecutan Batukaru Street,  Imam Bonjol Street, Thamrin Street, Gajah Mada Street, Mount Batur Street, Mount Agung ,Street Chess Wahidin Front .

Dauh village of Castle Kauh that each banjar or village towards Teuku Umar Street . Dauh village in Street, Puri Kangin the NLI - Bellows - Sumatra Street, Gajah Mada Street , Chess Front .

Urban Village Castle Dauh the start of Diponegoro Street, Hasanuddin Street, Thamrin Street, Gajah Mada Chess Front . The village of Tegal Harum namely  Mount Rinjani Street, Mount Batukaru Street, Gajah Mada Street Chess Front .

For the Northern District of Denpasar , the route to be traversed in between  Gajah Mada Street, Sutomo Street, Chess Front , Ahmad Yani Street, Bisma Veteran Street , Melati Patimura Street, Nangka Street , Gatot Subroto Street, Hayam Wuruk Street, Suli Street , kepundung Street , Lotus Street , and  Ratna Street.

Also in the District of East Denpasar , the ogoh-ogoh is also going through some streets in between Letda Reta Street, Cok Agung Tresna Street, Kajeng Letda Street , and Ngurah Putra Street. In addition meduri Streets , Street Katrangan , Subita Street , Nusa Indah Street, WR Supratman Street, and the intersection of four cultivation .

Meanwhile , in the District of South Denpasar some streets that are experiencing similar things that open and close the Street in between Danau Buyan , By Pass Ngurah Rai Street , Hang Tuah Street, Beratan Street, Run a way Tukad Bilok Intaran .
Ogoh Ogoh Kuta
.Jewel Tukad Street , Pakerisan Street, Irrawaddy Street , Melangit Street , Tukad Ijo Gading Street, Waturenggong Street. While the parade ogoh - ogoh are contested in the Sesetan in Banjar Village and Village Pedungan Pegok the Bungin Island Street , Singkep Streets , Roti Island Moyo Island Run A way, Saelus Street , the Pacific Street , Diponegoro Street, By Pass Ngurah Rai Street and attractions in Pesanggaran .

For the tourist areas of Seminyak , going through the Simpang Camplung Horn - Simpang Double Six . Run Away Legian Kuta Street, going through the start of Banjar Legian kelod , Central Legian , Legian Kaja , and Beach Street ( next Bemo Corner ) Run Away Kuta Singosari .

While in the area of ​​Jimbaran , the parade will be implemented through several Streets , including Run Away Uluwatu Studio General - Market towards Jimbaran Beach Jimbaran .

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Increased ticket sales welcome Nyepi Day

Nyepi at Bandara Ngurah Rai
Denpasar. Nyepi holiday some people used to go on holiday outside the island. As a result, ticket sales to certain destinations outside Bali surged by 30 percent compared to normal days.The increase in ticket sales, among others, looks at one of the ticket sales agent in Denpasar. In this place, ticket sales ahead of new year celebration of Nyepi Çaka 1936 has been increasing since the past few days ." Booking tickets have already done since the beginning of March. Airfares and many other destinations purchased between Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, and Yogyakarta. Compared with ordinary day, flight bookings for departure today ( March 28 ) increased to reached 30 percent, "said Komang Tri Apriani, plane ticket vending officers.

Increased ticket sales also occurred to the date of arrival on April 2, the day after Nyepi holiday ends.Nyepi Day will fall on March 31. When the holiday Nyepi, all flight activity at Bali's Ngurah Rai airport was stopped for 24 hours.Although the flight activity was stopped, but the airport remained prepare emergency personnel to anticipate the flight.

News Close toll road in Bali for Nyepi day

Denpasar . To welcome and honor Nyepi Çaka 1936 New Year for Hindus in Bali, Bali Mandara toll road will be closed For 34 Hours.The first toll road and the only one in Bali will be closed starting on Sunday, March 30, 2014 22.00 pm until Tuesday, April 1st, 2014 at 08.00 pm."Closing this as a form of homage us. Toll We will do temporary closure during the celebration of Nyepi Later, "said President Director of PT Jasamarga Bali Tol, Akmad Tito Karim in the official statement on Thursday ( 27/03/2014 ).This closure, said Tito, in addition to respect customs and values ​​prevailing in Bali, Bali Governor also appropriate circulars No. 003.1/6853/BKD on National Holidays." With the operational toll dismissed while at Nyepi, we lose revenue of Rp 275 million, " he explained.Tito admitted during this time, Toll Bali Mandara who stands on the sea already eliminate congestion in South Bali. Every day as many as 35 thousand vehicles per day through Toll Bali Mandara, from the previous target of 39 thousand vehicles passing ."We have 90 percent of us plan to meet the targets. Toll Bali Mandara has been able to help reduce congestion in South Bali. Fact, Bali's first toll is already launched a range of national and international events Fact, this Bali Tol already passed 130 participants of Miss World and known 133 countries,  he concluded.

Bali News Update

Last week , police conducted a reconstruction of the crime scene in Denpasar the murder of American businessman Paul Latourell soon officially charged with the premeditated murder of two authors .

Other stories lead look this week at the last celebrations " Tumpek LANDEP " Saturday (again ) crack proposals , such as flooding conditions become in Lake Batur in a solution of water shortages elsewhere Bali provincial plans illegal tour guide and illegal transport company, called repetition governor vehicles are recorded in a long time in making Bali Bali, and plans for foreign travelers to help establish a committee expatriates in Bali in difficulties to establish .

There is a link in updating Bali this week for an interview by the Sydney Morning Herald chef Chris Salans in Ubud on what is and what is not in Bali.

Duty Bali Day of Silence " Nyepi " is next Monday. We have news on restrictions for all the vehicles on the roads of Bali today , and plans to use an army of sweepers for roads in Bali Ogoh - Celebrate Ogah to keep clean .

Enter for your next issue of updating Bali on Sunday - a day before Nyepi .

Aviation News this week examines why sales of domestic air tickets are 15-20% after the introduction of a surcharge domestic flight , plans delayed to September Garuda to launch a new nonstop service between Jakarta and London; poignant requests be made by Merpati pilots that hungry and do not have any salary received in the last four months, for example , statistics on the number of domestic and international flights from Bali in January, and a bold proposal by a Canadian consulting company Bali to build an artificial island off the coast of the new airport.

Hotel News looks at plans for new hotels in Bali International Archipelago (Neo Hotel in 2014) , Hyatt International ( Andaz 2016) Alila Seminyak ( 2014) .

Bali Benoa Port Miami Recognition Award for the quality of its reception cruise.

I'm making a trip to a new " Seven - cuts for men " - a new hair salon in Denpasar - an experience too good not to share .

Friday, September 30, 2011

Bali Vacation

An unforgettable experience in Bali Holiday Villas
A series of affordable Bali villas available in Bali. Plan your trip with a travel agent is needed for the whole trip, so you can enjoy a stress-free vacation. Your agent will help you choose the best of Bali villa on your taste and budget, which indicates various tourist spots and places to hang out. Discounts and free offers can be exploited when choosing a travel agency. An enriching experience and a heaven on earth experience is guaranteed. Pick up at the arrival airport, accommodation,
meals and excursions are arranged well in advance for a quiet moment in your holiday villa in Bali have chosen. Bali maids are available to you is valuable services throughout the day catering for all your needs from your arrival time, and departure time for your holiday.
A trained and experienced chef is called to prepare the meal. To access the various tourist attractions, which will be driven
by a chauffeur. Directly on the beach, these villas offer breathtaking views of majestic ocean, surrounded by palm trees and rice fields. Most of the luxury vacation villas in Bali include a living room, master suite bedroom,children's bedroom, surrounded with bath, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, library and an outdoor sitting with sun loungers by the pool of flowering shrubs. Experience a tropical life with your family, you have a well deserved break from the usual hustle and bustle of city life.

Rooms in Bali villas are air conditioned and made the sliding glass doors with carved wood and covered well. In the rooms, curtains and pillows are adorned with silk linings and paintings that adorn the walls add an elegant touch and quiet. Even a mini-fridge is available. Imported wines are available upon request. The water bath is scented with rose petals floating full. Few Bali villas have blinded a wooden roof on the terrace with spiral staircase and lights at night to calm environment. Sitting next to ornamental pool, enjoy your favorite beverage, with the moon, and relax admiring the palm trees dancing in the cool breeze of your mind and body. If you treat your body in a relaxed atmosphere at home spa treatments are offered free or at cost or at nominal cost in some villas in Bali Children can play various indoor games and outdoor safe and secure area . Tennis and squash courts, golf courses, nightclubs, boutiques and restaurants of various cuisine are available at a close distance of the villas in Bali available. Bali is known for arts and culture. Art Collection includes paintings, antique furniture and statues, wood carvings, etc. Festival a great time, where tourists flock in their hands Try different classes such as ceramics, painting and meditation. Temples, museums, beaches, long, and the gardens are places of interest. This is a guide, history and heritage of Bali, art and culture, tourist attractions, the list of world class restaurants, clubs and maps with driving directions are provided. Remember, your vacation / honeymoon / wedding / anniversary of Bali for life with a stay in a luxury paradise, spent all holiday villas in Bali island services charm. Happily married couples can rent a villa and luxury full-service and remind you to spend a memorable holiday for all. Contact or call now to reserve

Monday, April 18, 2011

Diving in Pemuteran

It's a long trip from Nusa Dua / Sanur / Kuta, Menjangan, which adds a lot of time on the road for only a few dives. But it is an excellent alternative: stay at the Pondok Sari Beach Bungalows in Pemuteran, which has a period of professional diving, Reef seen swimming, diving offers very good. Pemuteran is located a few miles east of Meniangan counter on the north coast, in a small boat to Menjangan Lake bay.Reef own, but divers often prefer short-listed sites. These latter are a few minutes. There are five dive sites carefully considered by the operator, each worth several dives. The dive center offers small groups of divers, especially those staying for several days so that discounts are available. independent divers without a guide, a packet may both day and night dives from the shore. We recommend this (making business live PADI instructor Chris Brown, a professional in every sense of the word, and concrete measures to preserve the ecology of the sea developed.

The atmosphere is calm and pleasant Pemuteran, and Pondok Sari Beach Bungalows are very nice: The rooms are spare parts and decorated with natural woods and clean white sheets on the beds, the bathrooms are open to the sky, and dripping pipes Japanese bamboo flute and soft black river pebbles. A comfortable and romantic. All centers Chris Brown opened the way to Pemuteran reefs are small or bank Tk. He is constantly looking for new sites, however. The diving here is generally good throughout the year, with rough seas on very rare occasions during the southeast monsoon, May-JuIy. The best times are March to early May and September to January. The rainy season, while the northeast monsoon from January to early March always brings heavy rains until the end of the ar late at night. Water temperatures are almost always around 28 ° -32 ° C. Visibility is good, but not as clear as Meniangan in the best conditions. There is little electricity, and this is a good place for beginners.

Napoleon Reef
"Napoleon Reef is a flat, the hill under the water, the size of a football field. In its most superficial, less amounts to about 5-10 meters from the surface. The reef is covered with sponges and corals, including Acropora big table to reach a diameter of 5 meters. From the top, follow the profile of a gentle slope to 35 feet, with invertebrate life very well. Two giant sponges serve as reference points. fish life is pretty good. Large squid are not uncommon. Mantas eat occasionally appear in the whole reeftop. The southernmost point of Napoleon is reduced to 35 meters, where there is an excellent deep reef with soft corals and whip corals, known as "Cody's Corner."

"Pertamuan Dekat" (literally, the substrate shows a "Close Encounters") takes its name from the large fish that start here and up close encounters with divers, sharks, tuna, mackerel, barracuda and mackerel, and sometimes a large grouper and Napoleon Wrasse. Although whale sharks have been here from time to time.

Lebar Reef
In Lebar (literally, "big") of Coral, pending the sand fall completely in about 25 meters. In the sand, coral reefs appear at 25 meters and again at 35 reeftop meters.Both and the side of the Taka are covered with thickets of staghorn Acropora, some with colorful Blu-pronged, table Acropora summits and the fan passes through gorgonians.

Kebun Batu
Kebun Batu ("Rock Garden") is only 5 minutes from the beach, snorkeling. Here is a great boul rises vertically from 18 meters to 3 meters below the surface. The rock crevices and caves full of small, shallow, serves as a hotel, too many fish. In addition, the substrate shows a mixture of sponges, hard and soft corals. This is a very good night dive.

Chris Kebun
Kebun Chris ("Garden of Chris") is a favorite dive operators current site. Diving starts at only 20 meters from your back door, with hard corals less than a meter deep, and continues until about 10 meters. This reef extends further for about 300 meters parallel to the coast.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lempuyang Temple Bali

Expert local governor wants a personal information center in the main religious temples of Bali.

The Bali provincial government plans to equip its most sacred Hindu temples (Khayangan Khayangan Jagat and sad) to the information centers to help tourists. The main temples of specific information centers are the most important religious places most frequented by visitors, Mother of Pura Besakih Temple Bali.

Quoted in, Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika said on Wednesday February 23, 2011, that the establishment of information centers is very necessary because many leaders are not false information to tourists. This is particularly true of leaders from outside Bali, which do not fully understand the traditions and culture of Bali.

Pastika said: "Information about Besakih often wrong, often the operator there who speak English sounds odd when used for listening .."

Pastika said that the centers of information provided by people around them, to really understand history, and local standards and protocols will be filled. This is particularly important in Bali, where every hallmark of its own set of rules and regulations.

Fewer Cruise Ships Headed to Indonesia

Cruise visits Down as Port in Bali Tanah AMPO are not yet ready to receive large ships.

The number of times on cruises from Indonesia in 2011 is estimated at only 31, a decrease of the projected figures in the last year due to cancellation of planned ship visits to Bali and Komodo.

How Bisnis Indonesia reported, data from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism 127 774 206 tourists visited Indonesia several ships a total of 206 separate interviews. In contrast, in 2011 only 31 vessels are expected to Indonesia with the transportation of passengers on Call 105 926 161st

Sapta Nirwandar, the chief marketing officer for the Ministry explained the decline and said, "is coming to this event due to ships Bali and Komodo, prepared mainly because the ports are not."

Culture and tourism officials are optimistic, however, increase the number of actual calls in the course of the year.

Most cruise ships called in the fall of Indonesia's middle class passenger capacity between 500-600 are called seniors who spend as much as U.S. $ 50-US $ 100 per port.