Sunday, July 1, 2007

Gunung Batukau

Gunung Batukau is the second greater mountain in Bali (2,275 ms), and only Gunung Agung is of a religious importance more discharge. The hills cover with the plus rain forest, aside from the national park of the west of Bali that this one is the only region of the desert of any meaning to the left in the island. The mountain is located in district of Tabanan, and is an extinct volcano. In the southern hills of the volcano, in 1.300 meters and surrounded by the forest, it feels the temple of Pure Luhur Batukau.

Pure Luhur Batukau is one of the supposed “sad-kahyangan” temples of Bali, a national or the temple of the state. It is not visited so frequently due to the remote position, but the site of the temple underneath the powerful marks of the mountain of Batukau this a really unique place. It was constructed to honor the alcohol of the lakes and mountains, and was the temple of the state of Bali of the west whereas Tabanan was an independent kingdom.

I vary “linga”, symbols of the fertility, where found here in 1920, indicating that this area has been a sacred place to the long posteriors part of the way in history, before the temple was constructed. The legend says that the temple was founded by the Hindu wise Kuturan that gained halitoses in Bali in 11mo century. The statues found in a closing of the place that bathed close is identical with those found in Goa Gajah and is also a test of this date. Another legend speaks of how the temple in 1604 was attacked and destroyed by the king of Buleleng.Million bees forced nevertheless to the army of the kings in working shipments by the Gods that the temple protects. The temple in fact has been destroyed, and it was not reconstructed until 1959.

The distance of the city of Tabanan throughout a rough way, escaped is near 23 kilometers. 2 kilometers before the temple you will pass the village small of Wangaya Gede. If you have any plans to raise Gunung Batukau you can rent a guide there. Without a guide it is very difficult to find the correct trajectory through hot, humid forest, that grows almost until the end to the cover. The ascent begins the temple where the way finishes and takes near 5-6 hours. Many trekkers prefer to remain the night near the cover, later can also see the exit of the sun.

Throughout the way of Tabanan also you will pass the means hot of the crystals of Yeh, that can be worth a visit. Whereas you are in this area that you must also visit the charming Jatiluwih, with something of the most beautiful landscape in Bali.